Southern Architecture Foundation, Inc.
Founded 1998; a 501(c)3 tax deductible foundation

Chairman/President and founder, William R. Mitchell Jr., author of eighteen books including three SAF publications; President, The History Business, LLC.

Secretary and Treasurer, Philip J. Santangelo, PhD
Chairman Executive Committee, T. Marion Slaton

Current Board of Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs

Location: 1421 Peachtree Street Unit 410, Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-840-0603  
email address:

Current Projects

  1. "Madison, A Classic Southern Town", by William R. Mitchell and photographs by Van Jones Martin and James Lockhart, to be published 2010.
  2. Historic Preservation in Georgia, 1969-74, The Origins and Establishment of The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, by William R. Mitchell, Jr. (to be published)
  3. Southern Architecture Illustrated (reprint of rare 1931 publication) Fall 2002
  4. The Mitchell Southern Architecture Collection Archives at the Atlanta History Center.
  5. Young Friends of SAF, Inc., events
  6. A newsletter, The Piazza, is issued from time to time.


SAF President William R. Mitchell, Jr., received an Institute of Classical Architecture/Classical America Arthur Ross Award in Manhattan, May 1, 2006.

 SAF Press Release!





Southern Architecture Foundation  President, Bill Mitchell, is the author of Summerour: Architecture of Permanence, Scale and Proportion, issued October 21, 2006 and published in cooperation with SAF, Inc.  The publication party was held at the Summerour firms new Atlanta office, 409 Bishop Street, NW, a refurbished and enlarged, factory building overlooking Atlantic Station.  At the October reception, Mitchell and Keith Summerour autographed hundreds of copies of this new 160 page illustrated Golden Coast Publishing Co. volume, Mitchell's 17th book.  Sales of this handsome new volume, long term, will help SAF's mission. 










SAF has advised individuals, architectural firms, given lectures and architectural tours, and collaborated with the Atlanta History Center, the Atlanta Chapter of the AIA, the Southeastern Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture, the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, the Atlanta Preservation Center, Harry Norman Realtors, Jenny Pruitt and Associates, Realtors, and other institutions.

The J. Neel Reid Prize

Bill Mitchell Receives Prestigious Award May 19, 2007 from Georgia Trust!
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Mary Jewett Award


J. Neel Reid, Architect by William R. Mitchell, Jr., is now in the second printing. Published in conjunction with the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, in 1997, the book funds the J. Neel Reid Prize, a Georgia Trust project.  Bill Mitchell serves on the Trust's Prize committee, and was one of the Trust's incorporating founders in 1973.





From the Rambler, March/April 2006, page 3










Southern Architecture Foundation, Inc. News!

Press on these links to read what Bill Mitchell has to say

about New Orleans in the USA Today! 

Washington Post - Classic New Orleans 

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From a review of Mitchell’s, J. Neel Reid Architect, “This publication is by far the finest architectural monograph to be recently published, and is the standard for all others to emulate.” (The Classicist No. 6, the Institute of Classical Architecture, 2001).

And from a review of his Edward Vason Jones, “In this beautifully produced monograph, William Mitchell provides a definitive account of Jones’ devotion to the classical tradition of the South. This is another excellent architectural monograph to be recently published, and promises to become a standard for the serious student of the classical tradition.” (The Classicist No. 6, the Institute of Classical Architecture, 2001).

SAF’s mission:  to promote the understanding and appreciation of Southern architecture and associated arts through:

• Location, acquisition, organization, and preservation of historic records and documents;
• Identification, preservation, and restoration of historic structures, landscapes, and decorative arts   and crafts;
• Research, analysis, and synthesis of information related to the subject of the mission;
• Publication of scholarly works resulting from these efforts; and
• Educational programs such as lectures and tours.

Availability of Publications:

Both SAF's  James Means book and Southern Architecture Illustrated reprint (and other Mitchell books) are available from:

Golden Coast Publishing Company
22 Waite Drive, Savannah, Georgia,  31406 PH: 912-352-1809 or
toll free:1-888-427-2622


 Current prices are available through Golden Coast Publishing.

Both the J. Neel Reid book and the Edward Vason Jones book can be obtained from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation (see Links).

From a Fact Sheet about the new SAF-Atlanta History Center Project:

Efforts have begun to create the William R. Mitchell, Jr., Southern Architecture Collection at the Atlanta History Center archives. Mitchell, author of over seventeen books, is founding President and Chairman of the Southern Architecture Foundation, Inc. (SAF). Mitchell’s research materials form an outstanding collection of books and historical files, including documents, drawings, records, and photographs relating to Southern architecture and associated arts. These files have formed the basis for the numerous books and projects of which Mr. Mitchell is the author. Mr. Mitchell’s gift of his private library and research papers will be used in the study of Southern architecture through the preservation, cataloging, and public access to these materials. Long term, the Atlanta History Center hopes to enlarge its Southern architecture holdings and establish itself as a preeminent repository for the study of Southern architecture.

Kenan Research Center:

The Kenan Research Center is one of the finest research archives related to Southern history and culture. Its holdings include contemporary library and rare book collections comprising 33,000 volumes; nearly 1,000 archival manuscript collections containing personal and family papers and business records; a graphic collection of photographs, architectural plans and drawings, as well as prints and maps; and city and county government records. Housed in the Atlanta History Center’s McElreath Hall, the Research Center’s 33,000 square feet includes climate-controlled storage for the collections, modern security, and a public reading room for historical researchers. The addition of the William R. Mitchell, Jr. Collection, one of the finest of its kind in the nation, will become an important part of the Center’s archives and architectural research collections.

The Mitchell Southern Architecture Collection:

The Mitchell Collection will be a core research collection for the Atlanta History Center  and the nucleus to attract other collections related to Southern architecture. The Mitchell Collection will become a significant addition to the research center’s existing collection of architectural drawings, document, business records, and photographs. It will enhance the current Kenan Research Center collections of “The Georgia School of Classicists” including Philip Shutze, James Means, Neel Reid, Lewis “Buck” Crook, and others. The Mitchell Collection is focused on Atlanta and Georgia architecture, and the entire South. The architecture and material culture of the South is as broad and varied as the region itself, embracing expressions by Native Americans, Spanish, French, English, Scots, Irish, Germans, and Afro-Americans among others. SAF was created to join in the recordings of this architectural heritage, an integral part of the culture of America itself.

The Mitchell Collection will complement the Cherokee Garden Library & Center for the Study of Southern Garden History also located in the Kenan Research Center. This collection includes over 6,400 volumes devoted to botany, horticulture, landscape design, gardening, and garden history. The structure of the Mitchell Collection will be similar to the Cherokee Garden Library in promotion, development, and programmatic activities. Other models include the Southeastern Architectural Archive at Tulane University in New Orleans (which is associated with its school of architecture) and the Avery Architecture and Fine Arts Library established in 1890 at Columbia University.


Cataloging of the Mitchell Collection has required fundraising, which has been an ongoing campaign  since late 2003. Funds have been raised to house the Mitchell Collection into archival containers and catalog the books and archival materials on the Research Center’s online computer system, Terminus.  The project archivist has been processing the research papers, applying standard archival measures, cataloging in USMARC format and creating a local finding aid.  As with all Research Center collections, this data will be available on a web-based source and would be accessible to any researcher via the Atlanta History Center’s main web site.


Summerour & Associates

The History Business, LLC

Golden Coast Publishing Company

Atlanta History Center

The Georgia Trust

The New Georgia Encyclopedia  - Georgia Historical Commission

J. Neel Reid (available through): The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

Buckhead Incorporated:

Jim Crossley's Webpage about his grandfather Lewis "Buck" Crook Jr.:

Other SAF and Mitchell publications are available through Golden Coast Publishing Company. 

All in-print books are available through commercial, nation-wide book stores. 



Mt. Vernon, east facade piazza, c. 1777
This classic Southern porch is SAF's logo.


This book can be purchased at the Summerour website or by contacting Golden Coast Publishing company (see links on bottom of this webpage.









Mitchell and Arthur Ross examine the Ross Award citation on May 1, 2006 at Manhattan's University Club.











































Southern Architecture Foundation, Inc.

1421 Peachtree Street Unit 410, Atlanta, GA 30309

phone: 404-840-0603 email address:

William R. Mitchell, Jr., President and Founder of SAF, is the author of many books on the classical architecture of Georgia and the South.  The Lewis Crook and Neel Reid books are available through Golden Coast Publishing Company; the Reid book and the Edward Vason Jones books are available through the Georgia Trust.
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